EAT } Bridging The Seasons

I don't know about you, but changes in seasons make me feel seriously nostalgic. When it comes to what's on my plate, I'm simultaneously wistful with memories of plump sweet corn and syrupy sweet peaches, and invigorated by crisp air and the promise of apple cider doughnuts and butternut squash soup.

But while I'm feeling torn over which season to pledge emotional allegiance, these are the foods that help smooth the transition:

• Persimmons: So what if my harvest of teeny persimmons (above) didn't yield enough pulp to do much with, and my attempt at jam was, well, a big fat fail. I have access to a persimmon tree dropping lovely little ripe orbs and I'm eating them fresh for now. (If you find larger persimmons, try this bread recipe.)

• Tomatoes: The little romas arriving in my From the Farmer basket are a reminder that summer's hanging in there. I've been roasting them (the longer they go, the sweeter they get), with a little olive oil, salt and pepper.

• Figs: So lovely, so fleeting. See Rustic Fig Crostata.

• Apples: To keep it in the summer camp, slice them thin for a crunchy addition to green salad. Go autumnal with these apple galettes with caramel sauce.

What will you miss most from summer's seasonal goodness, and what are you looking most forward to this fall?