GIFT } Homemade Vanilla Extract

I made vanilla extract for the first time a few years ago and now keep a jar going at home. It's super simple and just takes a bit of resting time — about six weeks. If you start now, your vanilla will be ready to gift this holiday season. A little jar also makes a great host gift.

The process is simple: take good quality vanilla beans, split them and soak them in a base spirit. Vodka is the most neutral but brandy and rum also make incredible extracts with different flavor profiles.

Vanilla Extract
makes about 4 cups

4 cups of vodka
12 or more vanilla beans, split lengthwise
1 32 ounce jar with a lid

Place the beans in the jar and pour the vodka over them to cover. Cover with the lid and store in a dark place for about six weeks, shaking from time to time to encourage the extraction.

For gifting, check the Container Store for small bottles. The hang tag above is from Austin Press. I stock similar Austin Press tags at Salt & Sundry.