STYLE } Red Hot Valentine's Gifts

A few of my favorite Valentine's gifts, currently available at Salt & Sundry.

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Marshall's Haute Sauce Smoked Habanero Barbeque
These small batch hot sauces make a great gift for cooks and heat lovers.

Love Blocks
Handmade in Michigan, this wooden block set says 'love' in 12 languages.

Red Butter Warmer
This petite pot pulls multitasking duty in the kitchen for hot cocoa, frothing milk for lattes or melting chocolate.

Royal Rose's Rose Simple Syrup
Put the roses in a bottle this year with this floral simple syrup. It's excellent in cocktails (try a Coquette) and on ice cream or yogurt.

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Lighted Carousel Letters
Standing about 2 feet tall, these playful letters (sold individually) light up a room. Call us at the shop to special order: 202.556.1866.