EAT } Incredible Caramels & Foraged Vinegars

I get completely giddy when I find a new food item for Salt & Sundry (or a new one finds us). In the past few weeks, we've added some really great small-batch products to the pantry, including that divine sea salt caramel bar from Charleston-based chocolatier Sweeteeth, pictured above. (Photo by my super talented assistant creative director Sally Irmer.)

On the local front, it's been so exciting to see new makers crafting both high-quality and beautifully packaged products.

I was thrilled when the creator of Lindera Farms vinegars stopped by the shop. He's turning foraged mulberries, elderflowers and honey from Virginia into wine and then converting that into lovely, aromatic vinegars. They're delicious used like any vinegar, but we couldn't help continuing to sip on our sample cups.

I'm dreaming up some spring cocktails to show them off ...