STYLE } Plan A Pretty Picnic

There was a T magazine article last spring that really stuck with me examining why we're drawn to eating outside. Of the Victorian's penchant for picnicking, Tamar Adler wrote about "the pleasurable collision between human refinements and the places and energies in the natural world ..."

"Those overly decent people instinctively knew the frisson of performing petty formalities amid beetle and toad, and so they happily trudged in waistcoat and bustle through field and stream for lunch," Adler writes.

While happily trudging in a forgiving flowy dress rather than a waistcoat, I had a fun opportunity to pull together a picnic look for The Washington Post's Local Living section last week. For me it's all about bringing some elements of interior style out into the grass.

Here's a little behind-the-scenes peek, and be sure to check out the full story here, along with all of the local sources for the pieces I used. Also check out the transcript from my chat on the Post's site here.